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(See below for suggested language & examples for band 7+)

To be perfectly honest with you, “A child made you laugh” is one of the most specific “describe a time” Part 2s in a while. Luckily, it is about a child and children do the funniest things, right?

If you are struggling to think of a good example, you can follow our suggested structures or F.O.E method to make this topic easier for you. Try your best to give as much detail as you can about what the child did and why it was so funny. Remember that, when speaking about people, we always recommend that you speak about your: Relation to them, their personality, what they do, how you know them. All of which, can be applied to this topic too. (What they do, not so much as it is about a child)

Use the below-suggested language to describe how funny it was, using many natural expressions is normal when describing things. This topic can naturally be more interesting than most other current topics. Therefore, it is more popular than other current topics which might bore the examiner, everyone likes to laugh right? Some of our premium users have been asked this last week and requested me to cover it.

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Finding an ideal speaking partner is key when practising for your IELTS Speaking test, please don’t be shy to get involved in our website! Remember, you can apply most of the suggested language below to other topics too, especially people topics. There is so much native language below, of course, you can also apply it to your everyday speech too. This is not just for IELTS, you are not just reading this post to pass your IELTS test, you are reading this to improve overall & achieve your goals! Achieve band 7+ in Part 2 A child made you laugh.

a child made you laugh part 2 ielts
IELTS Speaking Part 2 A child made you laugh.

Suggested language + Examples of it in use.


Child -> Kid -> Infant -> Youngster -> Toddler (young child, usually 3-4 years old) -> Schoolboy/girl -> Rug rat (young child)

You can also use:

Phrasal + Negative synonyms: (non-offensive, typically used if the child is not so well behaved)
Brat -> Whippersnapper -> Ankle biter -> Squirt -> Pipsqueak -> Minx (female)

Phrasal verbs: Laugh
Crack up (informal, phrasal verb: to burst or cause to burst into laughter)
Burst out laughing (informal, phrasal verb: to suddenly do something, typically uncontrollable)
Poke fun at (informal, phrasal verb: to create laughter, usually done in spite of something)
Make fun of (informal, phrasal verb: to joke about someone/something in an unkind way)
Break up (informal, phrasal verb: to start laughing uncontrollably)

Informal: Laugh
Chuckle (verb + noun: a light form of laughter) “He made me chuckle when he asked me that”
Howl (verb + noun: an extreme laugh) “I was howling when I heard him say that”
Cackle (verb + noun: a kind of laugh that is unpleasant) “I cackled when I heard him say that”
Giggle (verb: a light form of laughter) “He made me giggle when he asked me that”
Roar (verb + noun: an extreme laugh) “He made me roar with laughter when he asked me that”
Snicker (verb: to give half a laugh, typically suppressed) “He made me snicker when he asked that”

Phrases, Expressions, Idioms + Collocation:

Bust a gut (phrase, informal: laugh very, very heartily) “We were laughing so hard we bust a gut that night”

Split *subject’s* sides (phrase, informal expression: to suffer from laughter, because you laughed so much, and an expressive way to say how much you laughed) “I split my sides when he said that to me”

Cry laughing (collocation, informal: to laugh so much you cried) “We cried laughing when he said that”

Laugh like a drain (phrase, informal: to cry so much whilst laughing you were like a drain) “we laughed like a drain when he said that”

Die laughing (expression, informal: to laugh so much, if you continue you will die from laughing so much) “We died laughing when he said that”

In stitches (idiom, informal: to laugh uncontrollably, so much you have a stitch) “We were in stitches when he said that”

A barrel/bundle of laughs (idiom, informal: use this to describe someone/something that is funny/amusing) “He is such a barrel of laughs, I can’t believe it”

Laugh *subject’s* head off (idiom, informal: to laugh so much that you lose your head) “I was laughing my head off when he said that”

Have a laugh (collocation, expression: to laugh) “We had a laugh when he said that”

Fall about laughing (expression: to laugh uncontrollably) “We fell about laughing when he said that”

You can also use ‘internet slang’ such as LOL (laughing out loud), ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), LMAO (laughing my ass off).


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